Lypin 10mg

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Medicine Name: Lypin 10mg
Contains: Zolpidem
Typical use of Lypin 10mg

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vertigo
  • Labyrinthine Disorder

Insomnia can be cured on an interim basis with the help of Lypin 10mg Tablet. It aids to get help and support to fall asleep as well as drops the number of times one awakens up during the night. This medication is effective in retaining sleep, and as a result, it ensures a restful night’s rest.

Make sure your physician knows about any other medications you are taking before you take a Lypin 10 mg Pill. Before consuming this drug, you should speak to your physician to find out how much to take and for how long. We would never tell you to take the drug without first talking to a physician or dispensary. Likewise, the team at Belbien10mg can also provide you with great guidance.

How does the dosage of Lypin 10mg act in the body of a human?

Pills of zolpidem are taken for a controlled amount of time to treat grownups who suffer from insomnia. If you have problems dipping or staying asleep, this medicine could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Buying via guarantees that you will have your lypin10mg drug within only 24 hours of placing your purchase. This Sleeping medicine has good results and most of the doctors are suggesting this drug to patients. The fact is that you need to follow the instructions given by the doctors to get the assumed results. Don’t make changes in the dosage and treatment duration without consulting with the doctor. Lypin 10 mg is one of the superb options to treat insomnia and many other issues.

Lypin10mg Dose Forms

  • Tablet: 5mg 10mg

Dosage Info

Usual Grownup Dosage for Insomnia:

  • Females: once a day immediately before bed (Orally 5 mg tablet)
  • Males: Once a day immediately before bed (Orally 5mg to 10mg)
  • Maintenance Dosage: Once a day immediately before bed (Orally minimum 5mg to maximum 10mg)
  • Highest Dose: 10mg per day

Controlled Release (CR/ER) Tablets:

  • Females: Normal dose is 6.25mg (Once a day immediately before bed)
  • Males: Once a day immediately before bed (Typical Dose 6.25mg to 12.5mg)
  • Maintenance Dosage: Once a day immediately before bed (6.25mg to 12.5mg)
  • Maximum Amount: 12.5mg per day

Sublingual Pills:

  • Females: Once a day immediately before bed (1.75mg orally)
  • Extreme Dose: 1.75mg per day
  • Males: Once a day immediately before bed (3.5mg orally)
  • Highest Dosage: 3.5mg per day

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  1. albertboby

    Lypin 10mg best product in the US market for sleeping pill. I am already using this product time when i am suffering from Nervousness in night and after taking and got best result and go relaxed sleep.

  2. Lorrie Jensen

    I would most definitely recommend Belbien10mg pharmacy to all my friends and family. Their website makes my orders very easy & simple, & their sleeping pills are good value for the money. Very reasonable! Order always arrives in a timely manner.

    Lorrie Jensen
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